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For questions relating to the call stack, a data structure used to keep track of the active function calls during program execution.

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How do interpreters avoid stack buffer overflow-related undefined behavior and exploits?

Most interpreters (including those for bytecode-based languages like Java) are assumed to be exempt of UB at the low-level. For instance, I would never expect NodeJS or the Hotspot JVM to allow ...
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Why were OS/360 PL/I procedure calls so expensive?

In Guy Steele’s famous paper Debunking the “expensive procedure call” myth or, procedure call implementations considered harmful or, LAMBDA: The Ultimate GOTO, he describes the poor performance of ...
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Pros and cons of reifying the stack in an interpreter

When implementing an interpreter, there is a choice between implementing function calls either by just recursively evaluating the function body in a different evaluation context ─ essentially ...
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What are the benefits of stackful vs. stackless coroutines?

Many languages that use async nowadays are implemented via stackless coroutines. That is, in a language like Python or Javascript, when you ...
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