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Peter Mortensen
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Experienced application developer. Software Engineer. M.Sc.E.E. C++ (10 years), software engineering, .NET/C#/VB.NET (12 years), usability testing, Perl, scientific computing, Python, Windows/Macintosh/Linux, Z80 assembly, CAN bus/CANopen.


I can be contacted through this reCAPTCHA (requires JavaScript to be allowed from and possibly other(s)). Make sure to make the subject specific (I said: specific. Repeat: specific subject required). I can not stress this enough - 90% of you can not compose a specific subject, but instead use some generic subject. Use a specific subject, damn it! You still don't get it. It can't be that difficult to provide a specific subject to an email instead of a generic one. For example, including meta content like "quick question" is unhelpful. Concentrate on the actual subject. Did I say specific? I think I did. Let me repeat it just in case: use a specific subject in your email (otherwise it will no be opened at all).

Selected questions, etc.:

Some of my other accounts:

Careers. [/].

Super User (SU). [/].


My 15 minutes of fame on Super User

My 15 minutes of fame in Denmark

Blog. Sample: Jump the shark.


@PeterMortensen (Twitter)



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