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Why does MATLAB have left division/solve?

Non-commutativity of multiplication a/b calculates $a \cdot b^{-1}$, whereas b\a calculates $b^{-1} \cdot a$. Since matrix ...
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Why does MATLAB have left division/solve?

Solving linear systems is better than inverting The main reason is the one in xigoi's answer, noncommutativity, but let me add that a separate operator is handy to have for matrix operations: ...
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Why does Python not allow us to call functions like other languages do?

This pattern is not as common as you think It looks like you're referencing MATLAB there. MATLAB is the only language I know that forces a file to be in one-to-one correspondence with the language's ...
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In Julia, what is the benefit of requiring commas between elements when defining a vector for a dot product?

As hinted by the error message: Note the difference between 1d column vector [1,2,3] and 2d row vector [1 2 3]. The two literal syntaxes define different objects, ...
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Why does MATLAB have left division/solve?

Overloading I'm not familiar with MATLAB/Octave, but this could be used for operator overloading in custom classes (if that's supported in MATLAB/Octave). Simplifying syntax If you have something like ...
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