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For questions about variables, named storage locations that hold a value, which can be changed during the execution of a program.

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Why do some languages have both immutable "variables" and constants?

Some programming languages (Rust is one I can think of off the top of my head) provides mechanisms to have immutable variables but they also have constants. Isn't an immutable variable just a constant?...
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Why are mixed declarations more challenging to implement than forcing all declarations to be at the top of a scope?

C89 had a requirement that all declarations must appear at the top of the scope before any statements: ...
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How does languages distinguish passing a parameter by value and reference, especially with non-parameter direct initializations in consideration?

Background What I want is to make the behaviors of the following two pieces of code identical: specifier x = getX(); doSomething(x); ...
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What is the difference between having an auto type and having dynamic typing?

In C++, you can define variables with auto instead of giving it a default type such as int. Like this (where ...
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Early binding, mutual recursion, closures. Can I have all three?

Take this Python snippet of two functions that are mutually recursive and form closures: ...
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Types and variables in a different namespace

What would it take to design a language that permitted construct such as below? int int = 10; Such a language would need to be able to infer contextually whether a ...
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What syntax options exist for avoiding variable names colliding with keywords and built-ins?

Preamble As you probably know, keywords are special reserved words in a programming language that have specific meanings and purposes and can’t be used for anything but those specific purposes. An ...
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Why do newer languages allow implicit variable declarations?

For me, one of the best things to happen to FORTRAN was the introduction of the LOGICAL*1 type. I quickly discovered that putting ...
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How to store variables in an interpreted language? [closed]

Say I'm making an interpreted language. What's the best way for me to store variable name/value pairs (or type/name/value triplets in the case of languages with typing)?
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