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Challanges to integrate sum types into json/protobuffer/toml/yaml? [closed]

What challenges might arise when integrating sum types into data exchange or configuration file formats such as json, protobuf, toml or yaml?
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Prior art on modeling characters of variable lengths

In some encodings such as UTF-8, characters are of variable length in bytes. It's a bit like a tagged union, but the exact size could be computed, so the next element in a string could follow ...
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What are pros and cons of tagged vs untagged union-types?

Some languages accept untagged union types (C++, C, etc): union Something { char ch; int i; }; Some languages accept tagged union types (like Haskell). ...
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Why do most languages prefer complex enum instead of simple enum?

I don't know the standard words for these, but: complex enum is like enum { E1(t1: T1, t2: T2, ...), E2(...), ... } simple enum is like ...
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