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For questions about supporting or implementing Unicode in a programming language, such as identifiers and string implementations. General Unicode questions are off-topic.

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What are the tradeoffs around supporting Unicode keywords and tokens? [closed]

Is the mass adoption of Unicode tokens as operators in general-purpose programming languages ​​a good idea? How acceptable is such a language to ordinary users and developers? Background I want to ...
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Supporting reasonably efficient high-level indexing for strings

I'm designing a language that I intend to be implemented on the .NET platform. To my understanding, the native string representation uses UTF-16, by storing an array of ...
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Prior art on modeling characters of variable lengths

In some encodings such as UTF-8, characters are of variable length in bytes. It's a bit like a tagged union, but the exact size could be computed, so the next element in a string could follow ...
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How have modern language designs dealt with Unicode strings?

Languages developed over the last fifteen years or so have been within the era where Unicode is ubiquitous, and so could design their core string types accordingly. There are a lot of new issues that ...
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What vertical whitespace should be supported?

As a followup to PLDI's first question, about horizontal whitespace, what vertical whitespace (newlines) should be supported? I know of at least the following: Line feed (...
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What Unicode character categories should be allowed in identifiers?

When implementing Unicode identifiers, I'm never sure what characters should be allowed. For example, this is the list of categories: Control: C Letters: ...
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How should programming languages handle updates to Unicode?

Occasionally, a new version of Unicode comes out, with new characters. This could introduce, for example, new whitespace characters, which may pose a problem for existing programs, for a number of ...
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What options in Unicode are there for balanced pairs of brackets like `(){}[]<>`?

My esolang involves the use of balanced brackets (){}[]<> to denote different scopes. However, unlike practical languages, all pairs of identical brackets ...
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Which horizontal whitespace should be supported?

There seems to be three approaches to horizontal whitespace for separating tokens: Only tab and space: Bash, C, D, Dart, Go, Java, Lua, OCaml, Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Swift (also ...
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