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For questions relating to tokens, or the data structure that contains information about the raw components of source code

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How would you implement a language in which the function-name could be separated from function arguments two different ways?

Suppose that there was a programming language in which there were two different syntaxes for function calls. An example of this is shown below: ...
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Do parsers typically need access to all tokens?

Do parsers typically operate on the entire array/list of tokens available in memory, or are the tokens often streamed one by one as they are recognized? What influences the decision?
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What would be the steps to implementing a formatter for your programming language? [duplicate]

Right now, I am using ClangFormat to format code written in my programming language, but that's not ideal, among other things, because ClangFormat treats := (...
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Negative literals, or unary negated positive literals?

Are there benefits to number literal tokens including negative numbers? Or is the string -1234 being parsed as unary negation of positive number literal ...
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Pros and cons of whitespace or comments being included as tokens

What are the pros and cons of including whitespace and comments as tokens in the tokenizer output? For example: value= 6+ 7 // A comment Would result in these ...
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What options in Unicode are there for balanced pairs of brackets like `(){}[]<>`?

My esolang involves the use of balanced brackets (){}[]<> to denote different scopes. However, unlike practical languages, all pairs of identical brackets ...
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Which horizontal whitespace should be supported?

There seems to be three approaches to horizontal whitespace for separating tokens: Only tab and space: Bash, C, D, Dart, Go, Java, Lua, OCaml, Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Swift (also ...
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