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15 votes
6 answers

"Testing" that something does not compile in metaprogramming

Use case Some languages offer techniques to ensure certain requirements at compile time. For example, rust has the NonZeroU32 type that will ensure at compile time ...
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Unit Testing Built Into Language [closed]

I'm mostly looking to poke holes in this design, as well as suggestions on next steps. For the language I'm creating, I think I might have additional keywords and statements available just for test ...
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23 votes
6 answers

Language features for making code easier to unit test

What can programming languages do to make unit testing easier? For the purposes of this question, I'm especially interested in unit testing procedural code with lots of heavy side effects. Let me ...
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How can a compiler's parse errors be tested?

There are fairly straightforward ways to test a compiler's behaviour on valid programs: most obviously, build a suite of programs to run through the compiler, and know what should happen when they run....
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