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Questions tagged [terminology]

For questions about words, phrases and definitions that are specific to developing a programming language. Use this tag for questions about existing terminology, including seeking what terms exist for a concept, but not for soliciting new names for things.

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1 vote
2 answers

What is the difference between JS's map and Python's dictionary?

It seems that JS's map and Python's dictionary are equivalent. Is that correct? And if so, why they aren't called the same? Given that JS is newer, why wouldn't the map be called as dictionary as well?...
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3 answers

What does it mean for a type system or language to be "sound"?

Type systems and programming languages are sometimes described as being sound, or unsound, or sometimes just "not sound". What does being sound actually imply about them? Is it always the ...
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3 answers

What does it mean to implement a language in itself? [closed]

I've often heard that a language is implemented in itself. For example, that Lean is implemented in Lean itself, Idris is implemented in Idris, etc. Haskell also has a library called hint, which when ...
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1 answer

What is a CAS language?

Is it by any chance just this (otherwise Google was no help)? I've seen throwaway remarks on this site by SK_Logic and Jorg-W-Mittag that use this term but I'm not entirely convinced and cannot find ...
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16 votes
1 answer

What are "interior iteration" and "exterior iteration"?

Another question refers to the terms "interior iteration" and "exterior iteration", and the comments under an answer suggest some disagreement or confusion about the meanings of ...
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4 answers

What are the differences between Unit and Singleton Types?

A Unit Type is one inhabited by exactly one value, and, due to the lack of possible discrimination ("no information able to be held"), is reducible to the 0-tuple. Meanwhile a Singleton is ...
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1 answer

Does the evaluation model & programming paradigm used in jq have a name?

jq is a command-line tool for filtering and transforming JSON data, in the vein of sed and awk, including a bespoke programming language for writing the filters. Its original author described it as ...
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4 answers

How would I describe an expression seperately from a statement?

I have thought about how I could specify an expression separate from a statement. A fragment of code that resolves to a value. But void expressions are still ...
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3 answers

What is implied by the names "sum type" and "product type"?

Algebraic data types include two concepts with names that feel like they imply something clever, but that I can't for the life of me understand: Sum type: This refers to tagged unions, like Rust's ...
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