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For questions about implementation of an optimization where function calls whose value is immediately returned replace their caller's activation record in the call stack, allowing unlimited recursion in constant space.

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Effective Tail Call Optimization in Non strict functional languages

In functional programing languages it is normal to optimize forms like factorial n = go n 1 where go 0 acc = acc go n acc = go (n - 1) (acc * n) ...
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Tail-recursive detection and conversion

Motivation I have implemented the tail recursion optimization for my language, where a return statement calls itself by goto ...
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What are the trade-offs in supporting Tail Recursion Optimization, but not Tail Call Optimization?

Tail Call Optimization allows a function call as the returned value of a function to be optimized to a goto, preventing the stack from growing. Among other things, ...
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Which calling convention should my compiler use?

The LLVM-IR Reference Manual's section on Calling Conventions lists as many as 15 supported calling conventions. These vary in ways including whether they support tail call optimization, how many and ...
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