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For questions relating to statements, a small unit of code that expresses a certain action, in programming languages.

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8 votes
5 answers

Would it be safe to introduce the "freeze" statement?

Would it be safe to introduce the freeze statement for freezing a mutable object into an immutable object? Such statement would mix well into dynamically-typed ...
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What languages have semantics with more than one "way" to execute each statement?

This is a difficult question to get across because I don't think there is an established term for what I'm asking about. In the title I've called it "ways" of executing statements, but I ...
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9 votes
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What are the advantages/disadvantages of distinguishing statements and expressions?

Some languages distinguish expressions from statements so that something like int x = 2; foo((x += 2)); is invalid. Other languages don't, so that a similar ...
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4 votes
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How would I describe an expression seperately from a statement?

I have thought about how I could specify an expression separate from a statement. A fragment of code that resolves to a value. But void expressions are still ...
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