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For questions about stack-based languages, programming languages that primarily rely on a stack data structure for their execution model. In these languages, operands are pushed onto a stack, and operations are performed by popping operands from the stack and pushing the results back onto it. Examples of stack-based languages include Forth and PostScript.

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5 votes
2 answers

How does the map function work in stack-based languages?

In many languages, the map function takes a function and a list, and applies the function to each element of the list, returning a new list of the results. Some ...
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Stack-based languages exposing additional stacks

Stack-based programming languages use a stack for argument and return value passing, and often have a stack for return addresses also. I'm looking for instances of existing stack-based languages that ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Does a simple syntax stack based language need a parser?

I have been working on a standard for a simple stack based language for a few weeks now. It has an extremely simple syntax. ...
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11 votes
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Capturing from outer stack to lambda in a stack-based language?

I'm working on a stack based lang that has "wraps", essentially lambdas, that by default run with an isolated stack (though some commands can push things to a wrap's stack, effectively ...
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