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For questions related to different programming paradigms, such as Object Oriented Programming or Functional Programming.

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Is there a language where "everything is a dataframe"?

In APL, you don't need to write loops because scalar operations are automatically "broadcast" (mapped and zipped) across arrays. For example a grayscale image could be a 2D array, which is ...
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Does the evaluation model & programming paradigm used in jq have a name?

jq is a command-line tool for filtering and transforming JSON data, in the vein of sed and awk, including a bespoke programming language for writing the filters. Its original author described it as ...
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What is the purpose of requiring class-based programming?

Some languages such as Java and C# (since last I checked) require all functions to be inside of a class. Some simple programs are procedural by design, such as command line tools. And requiring a ...
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