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For questions about memory safety features in programming languages, to prevent misuse of memory and related errors.

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Creating a new language with Rust without Garbage Collection?

I am new to language development. I am aware of Rust's ownership model that builds programs in a way that does not need garbage collection. So if I am to build a new programming language using safe ...
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Why would accessing uninitialized memory necessarily be undefined behavior?

In C, accessing any indeterminate/uninitialized memory is undefined behavior, period. Even in the case that the type in question is guaranteed to have no trap representations, such as ...
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Memory layout from a native class

I think there are languages where most of the standard library is written in themselves, however with most things marked as native or ...
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Creating a high level language that transpiles to rust

I really like what Rust brings to the table, but I find it very difficult to work with if I am not really working on apps that require absolute speed and the lower-levelness e.g. specifying int sizes, ...
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Can a language allow raw pointer dereferencing while preserving memory safety?

In Rust, creating a raw pointer is allowed in safe code (i.e. outside of unsafe blocks), but then dereferencing it is unsafe: ...
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Approaches for implementing weak references

How can weak references (weakrefs) be implemented, and how do the different approaches compare? The most important considerations for implementing weakrefs are: Safety ─ a weakref shouldn't allow ...
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Could ownership be inferred?

Rust famously has the concept of ownership vs. borrowing as part of its type system. This allows some level of automatic memory management ─ that is, heap allocations are freed when their owner goes ...
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Is it possible to extend C to have the Rust concept of ownership for memory safety?

Rust has a number of memory safety features. Is it possible to extend or enhance C or C++ to also provide similar memory safety features instead of using workarounds such as the Valgrind tool suite?
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