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Is there a difference between Rust's `macro_rules!` and Scheme's `syntax-rules`?

This is an example for the use of Rust's macro_rules!: ...
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Techniques for resilient parsing in the face of mismatched brackets?

Suppose you want to build an IDE-grade parser for a language with highly uniform and nestable syntax (e.g. Lisp). Without a lot of "special" constructs like top-level functions, you can't ...
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43 votes
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What language design features made Lisp useful for Artificial Intelligence research?

Lisp is often claimed to be one of the "[original] favored programming language[s] for artificial intelligence (AI) research" (source, additional reference, cross-site related question that ...
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What are the advantages to placing functions in a separate namespace?

In many modern languages, a function is just a specific kind of value that happens to be callable. However, some languages, even if they support first-class functions, assign functions to their own ...
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