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For questions comparing the implementation of a feature on different languages.

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How can we compare expressive power between two Turing-complete languages?

Is this possible? Is there an accepted (and unambiguous) notion of "expressive power" that could differ between two different Turing-complete languages? It seems like, for example, Python is ...
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13 answers

What are different ways of handling runtime errors?

Most languages have a system where exceptions are classes and you can throw them then use a try/catch block to handle them. What ...
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6 answers

Why do some PL choose to have a dedicated keyword for elseif instead of like in C?

In C, else if is nothing but a new if statement after a single-statement else clause. Why do ...
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What are the drawbacks of using indentation for code blocks?

I'm not aware of any language other than Python that uses indentation to denote code blocks. To me, it seems like the simplest way to indicate blocks, and it also encourages proper formatting by ...
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Which horizontal whitespace should be supported?

There seems to be three approaches to horizontal whitespace for separating tokens: Only tab and space: Bash, C, D, Dart, Go, Java, Lua, OCaml, Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Swift (also ...
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What are the syntax options for implementing a ternary "if" operator?

The ternary "if" operator is a syntactic construct for returning one of two values based upon a boolean condition. In most C-family languages its syntax resembles ...
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Can Felleisen's expressivity metric be abused to construct ever more expressive languages that aren't actually more expressive?

The idea of comparing the expressivity of languages objectively using various metrics is very interesting. A particularly interesting answer is Matthias Felleisen's formal notion of expressivity. I ...
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What are the different types of import semantics?

As per my current understanding, there are many different ways that imports, and other related operations, are handled in different programming languages. For example, ...
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Why does Python not allow us to call functions like other languages do?

What many other languages do In many languages, I can have a function defined in a file called get_xyz.m (for example) and then other functions or scripts can use ...
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