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Just-in-Time (JIT) Compilation dynamically compiles code at runtime for optimized execution, tailoring it to hardware and runtime conditions. Use this tag for questions about the design or implementation of JIT compilation.

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Why is it so difficult to implement the first Futamura projection?

The Futamura projections are a series of three transformations that can be performed on interpreters, compilers, and compiler-compilers respectively. These transformations rely on a specializer which ...
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What styles of interpreter are not well-supported by RPython?

The RPython toolchain translates interpreters to JIT compilers. The interpreter may be written in any style; the corresponding JIT compiler is defined by annotations on the main loops of the ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of just-in-time compilation?

Just-in-time compilation (JIT) is a way of implementing a language where the source code is given as input (like with a typical interpreter), but rather than being directly interpreted, (some or all ...
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How do I implement branch prediction for JIT?

I have a language with a working interpreter, and I am trying to add just-in-time compilation (JIT) to it. For ease of implementation, only individual branches are compiled, while control flow ...
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How JIT in R compares to JIT in Julia and JIT in Python?

How the implementations of JIT in R, Python and Julia differs? Are there characteristics of the language that make the compiler's job harder or less efficient in some language compared to others? On a ...
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