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Questions tagged [javascript]

For questions about JavaScript's design, or languages which are closely related to JavaScript.

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What is the difference between JS's map and Python's dictionary?

It seems that JS's map and Python's dictionary are equivalent. Is that correct? And if so, why they aren't called the same? Given that JS is newer, why wouldn't the map be called as dictionary as well?...
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Is it correct that Python does not encourage us to read objects's content? [closed]

After playing around Python a little bit, I feel like Python does not encourage us to read objects's content. Take JavaScript for example: just a simple act of calling an object will list all the ...
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Why is the ECMAScript specification formatted the way it is? [closed]

The ECMAScript specification and its drafts are very accessible, but they're formatted a bit oddly -- case in point, the current version of the ToBigInt abstract operation uses three fonts: The base (...
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Why did JavaScript choose to include a void operator?

In JavaScript, there is an operator void that, given an expression, evaluates it but then ignores the result and evaluates to ...
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Why do many dynamically typed languages identify types with strings?

I noticed in JavaScript and Lua, 'types' i.e., those returned by typeof()/type() are just identified by strings. As such we see ...
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What do various designers of JavaScript regret or dislike about its design? Given the opportunity, what would they do differently and why?

And are there underlying, unifying patterns to these regrets and how said creators would choose to create a revolutionary (in the sense of being "more than evolutionary" / making significant ...
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