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Use this tag for questions about interfaces as a nominal typing feature, declared types that primarily contain method headers and that other classes or types can incorporate. Do not use for questions about user interfaces.

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Is it meaningful to disallow member variables in interfaces?

In an object oriented language with single inheritance, there is often the concept "interface", separate from classes, as a replacement of what would otherwise require multiple inheritance. ...
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How to design interfaces to mimic haskell-like type classes in an object oriented language?

A problem I sometimes run into when using a language like TypeScript or C# is how they lack a perfect analogue to Haskell's typeclasses. Let's use Haskell's Functor ...
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Typeclasses, traits, interfaces, protocols: is there any consistent terminology?

Many languages have some form of expressing "user-defined duck typing": defining a type by its behavior, rather than anything about the structure or data of an instance of the type itself. ...
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What are the downsides of having no syntactic sugar for data collections?

For example, Python has lists, sets and dictionaries as language-level primitives that can be constructed using syntactic sugar [1,2,3], {'a': 1, 'b': 2} while Java ...
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What are the pros and cons of traits in comparison with interfaces?

In Rust, structs and enums may implement any number of traits, which specify certain functions. When a struct/enum implements a trait, this is where the functions are defined: ...
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