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For questions relating to indentation, where whitespace at the beginning of lines is used to structure and organise code. Use this tag for questions about indentation-sensitive parsing or language designs.

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Studies on learnability of braces vs. indentation for code blocks for beginners?

The discussion whether using indentation for code blocks is better or worse than using braces is an old one, but I don't want to rehash that discussion here (for reference, there was a fairly recent ...
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4 answers

How can multiline lambdas be designed in indent based languages?

How can multiline lambdas be designed in indent based languages? In Go, language with curly brackets, I will write multiline lambdas like this: ...
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Context-free grammar for a language where indentation marks code blocks?

I have the following context-free grammar: ...
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What are the drawbacks of using indentation for code blocks?

I'm not aware of any language other than Python that uses indentation to denote code blocks. To me, it seems like the simplest way to indicate blocks, and it also encourages proper formatting by ...
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