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For questions about the names attached to user-defined or language-defined types, variables, or functions, known as identifiers.

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Pros and cons of semantically-significant capitalization

In Go, capitalized identifiers are public (exported), while lowercase identifiers are private (within the package it's defined in). Most other programming languages don't have this sort of semantic ...
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Types and variables in a different namespace

What would it take to design a language that permitted construct such as below? int int = 10; Such a language would need to be able to infer contextually whether a ...
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What Unicode character categories should be allowed in identifiers?

When implementing Unicode identifiers, I'm never sure what characters should be allowed. For example, this is the list of categories: Control: C Letters: ...
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What are the pros and cons of more permissive identifier character sets?

Most languages have rules for identifiers similar to the following: Must start with a letter or underscore All characters after the first can be a letter, number, or underscore Many languages add ...
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Are there any technical limitations against adding anonymous functions in C?

An anonymous function behaves the same as a regular function with no identifier attached. One could be passed as a callback or stored in a function pointer variable. In C++ they can be written as ...
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