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Questions tagged [ide]

Use this tag for questions about integrating a programming language with an Integrated Development Environment, or constructing an IDE for a language.

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How does a multi compiler programming language receive editor support?

Wondering how does a language that indirectly compiles to languages of existing systems or software receive proper type hints, autocompletion, diagnostics, and syntax highlighting for customized file ...
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What are some techniques for faster, fine-grained incremental compilation and static analysis?

An incremental compiler is one which only needs to recompile the parts of a program which changed since the last output, as opposed to a batch compiler which must re-compile everything. Incremental ...
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Can you represent a language with a group with a small/simple generator set?

I'm wondering whether its possible to construct a group where the elements are all possible valid programs, with a small or simple generator set. That way you could have a series of operations you can ...
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Techniques for resilient parsing in the face of mismatched brackets?

Suppose you want to build an IDE-grade parser for a language with highly uniform and nestable syntax (e.g. Lisp). Without a lot of "special" constructs like top-level functions, you can't ...
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Supporting a statically-typed language in an IDE?

I'm almost finishing my open-source language's verifier. It performs parsing and verification, which ensures a set of programs are valid both syntatically and semantically at compile-time. To start ...
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