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For questions about high-level languages, programming languages designed to be human-readable, providing a level of abstraction from the low-level details of computer hardware.

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Are there any languages interpreted twice? [closed]

Are there any languages that are interpreted in something interpreted, like Python? If so, what are the advantages?
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What makes a very high level language? [closed]

Outline of question+justification soon to be expanded: Managing Complexity is job #1 Abstraction is our #1 tool A VHLL does abstraction best So VHLL's should be our aim Talking about VHLL's, with his ...
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Creating a high level language that transpiles to rust

I really like what Rust brings to the table, but I find it very difficult to work with if I am not really working on apps that require absolute speed and the lower-levelness e.g. specifying int sizes, ...
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Why did other high-level languages not implement COBOL's `CORRESPONDING` keyword?

My first co-op job in university involved programming in COBOL. I later learned many other languages and have never used COBOL since, but its one feature I remember (and miss) most is the ...
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How to transpile labelled break/continue statements to a high-level language which lacks them?

Suppose I am writing a source-to-source compiler (also called a transpiler) from one high-level imperative language to another, where the source language allows labelled statements to be targeted by <...
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