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Use this tag for questions about gradual type systems, where statically- and dynamically-typed code can exist within the same program

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Is Epic Games' Verse gradually typed?

I've just watched an interview on YouTube with Simon Peyton Jones where they talk about Epic's Verse language. Here (at roughly 51:30) they start talking about the type system. Simon mentions that ...
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Empirically, what are the implementation-complexity and performance implications of "unboxed" primitives?

I'm designing a Python-like language: bytecode-compiled, brace-free syntax, reference semantics for variables. Among many differences from Python, I want to support a limited form of static typing. I ...
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11 votes
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What are the run-time implications of gradual typing?

Statically-typed languages specify the types of variables and functions and reject programs they know won't work before they run. Dynamically-typed languages don't include these annotations or checks, ...
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