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For questions relating to languages whose variables' data types are unknown at compile time but are decided at runtime based on the value currently being held by the variable, and type systems enabling this.

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Are there metrics on how often variables in dynamically-typed languages change their type (not "parametrically")

One aspect of a dynamically typed language is that it is possible for a variable to change its type (the "type" of the value it holds) in the course of "straight line code". This ...
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To what extent is type theory relevant to dynamically typed languages?

There seem to be two conflicting views regarding the status of "type systems" used in dynamically typed languages: That dynamically typed languages are actually just unityped static ...
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5 votes
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How to avoid output build bloat when wanting to access type metadata information at runtime?

In my answer to the question What are the advantages and disadvantages of making types as a first class value?, I point out that for the language I'm working on, I wanted to have the ability to do ...
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Why do many dynamically typed languages identify types with strings?

I noticed in JavaScript and Lua, 'types' i.e., those returned by typeof()/type() are just identified by strings. As such we see ...
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What are the run-time implications of gradual typing?

Statically-typed languages specify the types of variables and functions and reject programs they know won't work before they run. Dynamically-typed languages don't include these annotations or checks, ...
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Are there any benefits to an Option type in a dynamically-typed language?

Going off of this question about the difference between nullable types and optional types, I notice that no mainstream dynamically typed language has ever gone for an explicitly-boxed ...
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