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For questions about data types, the classification and categorization of data in a programming language based on its nature, properties, and the operations that can be performed on it. Data types define the size, range of values, and behavior of variables or expressions in a program.

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6 votes
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What is the difference between having an auto type and having dynamic typing?

In C++, you can define variables with auto instead of giving it a default type such as int. Like this (where ...
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Why would a language allow zero-size structs?

While scrolling through a Rust syntax cheat sheet today, I noticed an odd item: struct S; // Define zero sized unit struct. Occupies no space, optimized away. This ...
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8 votes
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What are the disadvantages of not handling big numbers?

What are the disadvantages of not being able to handle huge numbers also knows and an Integer limit like in JS? I know it's not a super common thing to run into problems like that while programming so ...
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