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Use this tag for question about expressions whose value is known at compile time.

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How useful is the traditional const in addition to constexpr and rvalue references?

In C++, there are two newly created features related to const: constexpr and rvalue references. (IMHO rvalue reference is not ...
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How can memory addresses be compile-time constants?

In C the memory address of a statically allocated object or a function is considered compile-time constant. For example this is valid code: ...
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LSP for a language with a lot of compile-time execution

I'm currently designing a language with a heavy focus on compile-time code execution. In particular, all types will be handled as regular compile-time values (similar to the Zig language). This ...
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Why is it so difficult to implement the first Futamura projection?

The Futamura projections are a series of three transformations that can be performed on interpreters, compilers, and compiler-compilers respectively. These transformations rely on a specializer which ...
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Why is it so hard to evaluate functions with constant arguments at compile-time?

I noticed C23 has constexpr but only for variables, not for functions. While C++ does, this would allow a function to be defined in such a way that if the function ...
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