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For questions relating to comments or other syntactic language elements that are ignored by the compiler

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Why hasn't html a simple way of showing html tags as they are? [closed]

html comments meant to be read by the person reading the source are like <!-- Write your comments here --> But sometimes we want to depict a html as it is, ...
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Preserving Comments in AST

I'm currently working on a protobuf parser and I'm trying to preserve the comments in the AST. However, there many non-trivial cases and I was wondering if there was an already existing algorithm/data ...
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Pros and cons of whitespace or comments being included as tokens

What are the pros and cons of including whitespace and comments as tokens in the tokenizer output? For example: value= 6+ 7 // A comment Would result in these ...
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Enforcing doc comments in the compiler, good idea or not?

Most languages have a way of writing doc comments. Doc comments above a function, class, or struct provide a strucutred way to describe every part of the function, like this: ...
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What are common options for comment syntax?

Almost all languages have comments, but the syntax for comments can vary wildly between them. What are commonly used options for comment syntax, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?
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