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For questions related to the generation of code, especially lower level or intermediary code.

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How does link-time function inlining work?

I am familiar with traditional linking concepts (static and dynamic linking, relocation, PIE) and with traditional compiler optimizations (such as static expression evaluation, loop unrolling and ...
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X86-64 Assembly for Recursive Functions

A compiler I'm writing generates the following x86-64 assembly (AT&T syntax) for a recursive factorial function. I convert the assembly into an ELF executable using ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Modifying call stack locations for C++ exceptions

Having done my type checker, I'm thinking on targetting C++. How can I efficiently add debugging information to thrown exceptions? Similiar to JavaScript, you can throw anything. ...
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How can we backpatch differently-sized jump instructions?

Consider a compiler whose target language is some virtual machine bytecode. The jump instructions have to encode the size of their jumps. For example, in JVM bytecode the ...
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