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A lambda calculus backend without data constructors and `case`, what could go wrong?

I'm working on a lazy lambda calculus backend. I'm roughly following the concepts from Implementing functional languages: a tutorial. It presents Core as an intermediate language, and it has data ...
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What are the pitfalls of using an existing IR/compiler infrastructure like LLVM?

Using something like LLVM when designing a compiler has a lot of advantages, since tons of work can be saved by using an existing optimizer and code generation for a variety of platforms. Even large, ...
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Why would you choose a LLVM over a GCC back-end or vice versa for a compiled language?

LLVM and GCC are two popular choices for back-ends. They both have good compilation frameworks. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Credit to Mousetail for the idea on Area 51
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Runtime/Backend for a lazy, pure functional, lambda-calculus-based language?

I'm thinking of writing a toy language based on lambda calculus. I want it to be lazily evaluated. I/O is not a concern for now; main will be a pure function that ...
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